How To Cleanse Tarot Cards Without Sage?

How To Cleanse Tarot Cards Without Sage?

Tarot cards are an effective instrument for getting understanding, guidance and self-discovery. But, as with any other device, they will absorb the energy of time, impacting the quality of the readings.

Cleansing tarot cards is vital to keep their viability and efficacy. While sage is an established technique, there are various options for people who want to try different options due to individual preferences such as allergies, availability, or other factors. Cleansing

Moonlight Cleansing

The most organic and popular method used to purify the tarot deck is to use the power from the moon. When the moon is shining, you can place the deck in a window or outside where it will enjoy the light of the moon's fullness. The energy of the moon can remove any negative vibrations and help refresh the deck's energies.

Crystals and Stones

Crystal energy can be an excellent method to purify tarot cards. Pick crystals with cleansing qualities, like crystals like selenite, clear quartz or amethyst. Put the crystals you have chosen over the tarot deck and allow the energy of these crystals to enter and purify the deck.

Make sure you cleanse the crystals on their own regularly since they, too, absorb energy.

Sound Cleansing

Sound vibrations are a great way to remove any stagnant energy in your Tarot cards. Utilize a singing bowl or a tuning fork, and even bells generate sound vibrations.

Pass the source of sound across the card, allowing the sound waves to penetrate and purify the cards. The sound waves will clear off any remaining energies.

Salt Cleansing

Salt has been utilized since the beginning of time to purify the air. But you should be wary of this technique since it might not work on all decks, specifically ones with intricate artwork. If you want to use this technique, you need to place a small bowl filled with sea salt or Himalayan salt in the vicinity of your Tarot cards.

Place the cards in the area for several days or for a night. Make sure that the cards do not come in direct contact with salt in order to avoid any damage.

Vision and Intention

The impact of your intentions is not to be undervalued. Place your Tarot cards with your fingers, shut your eyes, and envision the pure white light that surrounds them and cleanses the cards.

Declare your intentions loudly or in silence, affirming that you want to rid the deck of negative energy. Put your faith in the energy you commit and its potential to renew the deck.

Flower Petals

Flowers radiate vibrant and uplifting energies. Choose fresh flowers that are white or light in colour to scatter over your Tarot cards.

Let the flowers sit in the cards for a few minutes before gently removing them. When you remove them, you can imagine the essence of the flower filling the cards with positive energy.

The Bottom Line

The need to clean tarot cards is vital for maintaining their reliability and accuracy in offering advice. Sage is one of the most widely used methods of cleansing, and there are many alternatives for those who like or do not want to use it.

Crystal energy, moonlight cleansing and sound vibrations Salt cleansing, visualization intentions, as well as flower petals are all excellent methods to rejuvenate your tarot cards with their positive energies.

Try different techniques and select which one resonates the best with you. This will allow you to remain in a positive and clear connection with the decks.