How To Create My Own Tarot Deck?

How To Create My Own Tarot Deck?

Tarot has its own unique appeal and draws users to examine their inner being and get guidance through the mysterious cards.

Making your own deck of tarot can be rewarding as well as a deeply personal experience which allows you to integrate your beliefs, meanings and energy into every card. In this article, we'll explain the steps to create your own Tarot deck from the beginning until the final.

Conceptualize Your Deck

Before beginning this artistic journey, take some time to consider the topic as well as the general vibe you would like the tarot deck to communicate.

Do you like the traditional meaning of the tarot, or do you prefer a contemporary interpretation? Does your deck reflect the specific culture or motif? Think about the feelings and thoughts that you want to convey through every card.

Choose Card Meanings

Get familiar with the most common meanings of the tarot cards to use as the basis for your deck.

Determine if you would like to adhere to these interpretations or add your personal interpretation. Keep in mind that each card should connect to you on an individual scale.

Design and Artwork

The visual element of your deck is vital. Select the art method you'll be using: watercolours or digital art, pen collages, drawings or whatever technique you prefer.

Make sure you create a uniform style that connects all your cards while also giving each the uniqueness of each. Be aware of patterns, colours and symbols that match the subject you've chosen.

Crafting the Cards

Make sure you choose a solid material to make your cards, like top-quality cardstock. The standard tarot card size is 2.75 and 4.75 inches. You can modify the dimensions should you wish to.

Create or print your art onto the cards, but be sure you include the card's name as well as the number. Think about adding a border or other decorative feature to improve the design.

Infuse Intention

When you design each card, infuse each one with the energy of your intention. Consider the meaning and meaning of every card and imagine it as a means of guidance and wisdom. This practice is crucial to connect to your deck on a spiritual dimension.

Creating the Guidebook

Create a complete guidebook to complement your Tarot deck. This guide will describe the meanings and purposes of every card and also any special ideas or symbols you've introduced. Offer guidance on how you can do readings with the deck.

Assembling and Packaging

After all your cards and the book are completed, you can assemble your deck of tarot cards. You can add a personal element by adding a crystal, charm or any other item that is meaningful. Create a beautiful, well-built box to store the guidebook and your deck to keep them safe and safe.


Making your own tarot deck is a highly personal and creative endeavour which allows you to channel your intention and energy into an effective divination device.

Following these tips and putting your heart into each of the cards, you'll not just create your own unique Tarot deck, but you'll also create an intense connection with the deck and the realm of spirituality they symbolize. Tarot decks that you design can serve as a source of inspiration, guidance, self-reflection and a source of inspiration for yourself and other users.