The Judgement Card Meaning

The Judgement Card Meaning

In Tarot, the Judgment card represents healing. This Major Arcana card represents significant transformation, rejuvenation, and change. An Angel, trumpets, graves with people rising from them, and frequently water or an ocean are the main symbols of the Judgment Tarot card.

Upright Meaning

When the Judgment card in the Tarot is upright, it represents awakening, rebirth, a well-lived life, improved health, and a stimulated mind. It may imply that you must approach a challenge full on and make the necessary changes to succeed. You are prepared to be judged and emerge victorious. It is time to let go of what is holding you back and take a step towards your future.

Reverse Meaning

When the Judgment card in the Tarot is reversed, it might represent fear of death, failure, impending loss, and illness. It could suggest you're ignoring something important and it's costing you. You are tough on yourself and believe that you are not capable of completing what is required of you.

Love Meaning

In a Tarot love reading, the Judgment card indicates that it is time to wake up to what you truly require in a relationship. If you're single, it may be time to mend and ready for your next great love. Take your time, and enjoy the contemplation. If you're in a relationship, it's time to connect with and understand your spouse. Communication is key, and you should dig deep to determine what's best for both of you.