Strength Card Meaning

Strength Card Meaning

In Tarot, the Strength card represents energy and bravery. It is a card representing courage and ferocity, evoking the roaring energy of a lion. Additionally, it represents a fearless woman. She is relentless, indomitable, and unwavering. The Strength card's primary symbols are a woman with a lemniscate (a figure eight on its side, representing perpetual life and eternity), a lion, and a chain of roses floating over her head.

Upright Meaning

In a Tarot reading, the Strength card represents strength, courage, faith energy, drive, and action. It is also a card about asserting one's authority over situations and oneself. If you're having concerns or anxieties, take a moment to access all of your inner strength and raw power. You can do anything with it.

Reverse Meaning

In a Tarot reading, the Strength card reversed represents weakness, pettiness, disease, abuse of power, and lack of faith. You possess all the bravery within you, but you can't reach it just yet. Don't be concerned. It's there, and it's waiting for you. Say goodbye to anxieties and poor self-esteem and battle your way to success. You've earned it.

Love Meaning

In a Tarot love reading, the Strength card indicates that it is time to embrace the lion's courage in all aspects of romance. If you're single, it may be time to be courageous and meet someone, or you may meet someone brave! If you're in a relationship, it suggests you've recently been through something difficult, but you're ready to come out stronger than before.