Temperance Card Meaning

Temperance Card Meaning

The Temperance card in the Tarot can be tricky to understand, but in general it is about combining opposites and attaining synthesis. It's all about balance, peace, and patience. The Temperance card's core symbols are an angel (typically female, but sometimes genderless), a pool of water or river, and two cups with fluid flowing between them. It's a lovely, serene sight of harmonious beauty.

Upright Meaning

In a Tarot reading, the Temperance card represents moderation, temperance, tolerance, harmony, fusion, positive influence, and confidence. This card can also serve as a caution to temper your actions and a reminder that seemingly irreconcilable contrasts can be reconciled. You actually understand what it is to have a good life, and you are living it. You have a rigid moral code and will work hard to achieve your objectives, whatever they may be.

Reverse Meaning

In a Tarot reading, the Temperance card represents discord, dispute, disunion, enmity, frustration, and impatience when reversed. It can also be used to denote overindulgence and risky behavior. You may also feel disconnected from the ones you care about the most.

Love Meaning

In general, the Temperance card in a Tarot love reading is a good thing. If you're single, it's a gentle reminder to get your life in order before looking for a mate. If you're in a relationship, it signifies that the two of you are completely in sync. Even if you're having problems in your relationship, you'll get through it by being patient with each other.