The Empress Card Meaning

The Empress Card Meaning

In Tarot, the Empress card represents Isis, motherhood, femininity, and fertility. The Empress is a creator of life, romance, art, and business, and it is here that the idea grows until it is ready to be born. The primary Tarot symbols for this card are a rod, a pomegranate-adorned robe, a crown of twelve six-pointed stars, a field of ripe wheat, and a heart-shaped shield imprinted with the Venus symbol.

Upright Meaning

In a Tarot reading, the Empress card represents action, progress, achievement, mother/sister/wife, and evolution. This card indicates that if you want your wishes to come true, you must be patient and allow things to grow and sprout. It inspires you to embrace your feminine side and concentrate on being an excellent role model and nurturer to youngsters. Unsurprisingly, it can also be used to predict fertility and pregnancy.

Reverse Meaning

In a Tarot reading, the reversed Empress card represents inaction, lack of focus, indecision, worry, and infidelity. You are not nurturing your feminine side, and you are paying the price for it. It's also possible that you're not paying enough attention to your spiritual side. It can also indicate a lack of conviction, confidence and sentiments of unattractiveness.

Love Meaning

In a Tarot love reading, the Empress card is great. If you're single, get out there and meet potential suitors because it's likely that one of them will work out. If you're in a relationship, your bond will only become stronger, filled with shared love, respect, and profound affection.