The Lovers Card Meaning

The Lovers Card Meaning

The Lovers card of Tarot is a symbol of (you guessed it) love and romantic connection, love, attraction and a perfect harmony. The most basic symbolism of the card is the image of an angel or Cupid as well as the man and woman and two trees. In certain decks, you will see an individual man seated between two women. Also, in certain decks, one of the trees is in bloom and another is fruitful. The Waite Tarot decks have Adam and Eve One tree, the serpent, and apples.

Upright Meaning

In a Tarot reading, the Lovers card represents love, unity, trust, honor, the start of romance, and hope. It's a card about feeling passionate, but it's not just about love partnerships and powerful interpersonal bonds. One basic interpretation of this card is that you may come upon a divergence that you must not miss, no matter how tough it is, even if it is contrary to your planned course. Keep an eye out for this possibility, and don't always choose the easy route. Consider your options before making a decision. Perhaps it's time to take a chance.

Reverse Meaning

When the Lovers card in a Tarot reading is reversed, it represents unreliability, divide, frustration in romance, and untrustworthiness. You may have reached a decision, but you are now second-guessing it or refusing to stick by it. Remember, you made the decision, and now it's time to accept full accountability for your actions.

Love Meaning

Relationships and decisions are represented by the Lovers. Its inclusion in a spread represents a decision concerning an existing connection, a heartfelt temptation, or a choice among potential companions.