The Moon Card Meaning

The Moon Card Meaning

The Moon card in Tarot represents that something is wrong and that you should not believe your first impression. Things are not as they appear. A full moon (with a crescent within), twin pillars, a howling dog and wolf, a stream running to the ocean, and a crayfish rising from the water are the basic card symbols.

Upright Meaning

In a Tarot reading, the Moon card upright represents deception, fraud, disillusionment, mistake, anxiety, risk, and double-dealing. The card indicates that you are experiencing emotional or mental difficulties. Take note of your dreams as well: what are they trying to teach you? Your subconscious is actively attempting to communicate with you. You could potentially be about to start your period!

Reverse Meaning

Reversed Moon card represents detecting fraud before it does harm, making little blunders, and taking advantage of someone. It is the letting go of fears and the release of negativity. Your problems will fade away, and you will emerge with renewed confidence and clarity.

Love Meaning

In a Tarot love reading, the Moon card represents insecurity. If you're single, attempt to keep your cool with your new love interest to ensure that everything is well. If you're in a relationship, consider whether it's exactly what you want. You may appear to be the ideal marriage on the outside, but there is another narrative behind closed doors.